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Our pizzas are traditionally neopolitan and are made as authentic as possible and fresh for each event. Our pizzas are simple and non-fussy.


We try and source our toppings locally and keep to seasonal produce where possible. 



Example menu (more toppings on their way)


Margherita                           -     Mozzerella, Basil


The Italian                           -      Pesto Chicken, Caramelised Onion


The Hot One                        -     Chilli Sauce, Spicy Beef, Jalepenos


The Veggie                           -     Mushrooms, Roasted Peppers, Onions, Spinach


Pepperoni                            -     Pepperoni


The Moroccan                    -      Cumin & Cinnamon Chicken, Green Olives, Spring Onions


The Hawaiian                     -      Ham, Pineapple


The Fishy One                    -       Anchovies, Prawns, Capers


The Bespoke                       -       The choice is yours!



All our pizzas are 12" Artisan. Big enough to share, or if you're feeling extra hungry...not!


We are happy to offer a bespoke pizza for your special occasion. 


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